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Do you know about the amazon audible membership? If you don’t have time to read books, then we have a solution for you. Did you know that it is possible to listen to your favorite titles instead of reading? A couple of years ago, it wasn’t possible to hear books. Now with the help of Amazon audible membership, we can convert this dream into reality. But, at first, we need to learn about this concept in detail.

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What is amazon audible membership?

Audible is a service that is working under the umbrella of Amazon. But these two services are working effectively with separate entities. So, in prime videos, you get the membership to watch movies and shows. Moreover, amazon music is the place to listen to music. But the amazon prime membership doesn’t give you access to the audible account. However, for audiobooks, you have to buy the amazon audible membership.

Moreover, audible membership provides a wide range of options. However, you can listen across all your devices with the audible app and never lose your place. Before buying the membership of an audible account, you have to find answers to specific questions.

  • What does the audible membership cost?
  • How to pause audible membership?
  • How to cancel the audible membership?
  • Are there any benefits to get the audible membership?
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Services you get in Audible membership:

You can get the maximum advantages of the services then you have to find answers to vital questions. If you go for this plan, then you will get these facilities in the program.

from originals to podcasts audible
  • Audible originals: It includes documentaries, theater, and sleep programs. However, all these programs are available for listening from narrators.
  • Audiobooks: In this audible program, you can access fan-favorite books, full series, and many other listenable contents. Furthermore, audiobooks include popular genres like mysteries, thrillers, and motivation.
  • Podcasts: It includes the ad-free famous shows and original yet exclusive series. You can access these shows anytime from anywhere.

Audible membership is a program that produces and sells hundreds and thousands of popular audiobooks and original titles.

Audible credits

Every month amazon audible awards you with some credits. You can use these credits to buy audible audiobooks in different categories. However, these categories include technology, fashion, romance, and social media, etc. So, if you want to buy more books, you can purchase more audible credits or choose to pay per audiobook. But it is vital to understand audible credits.

  • If you are an audible member, then you will receive credits as part of your subscription plan. Thus, the number of audible credits depends on the program that you buy. If you are unaware or unsure about the service, then you can ask for assistance.
  • Moreover, you can use credit to buy any of the audiobooks by selecting from the catalog regardless of price.
  • In addition to this, from time-to-time audible members receive the offer to buy additional credits at discounted rates.

Note: It is vital to remember that credits do expire. So, you have up to one year to use any of the audible credit you have in your account.

Reasons to choose audible audiobooks:

After reading the above points, I know you want to learn more about this service. So, here are the main reasons to choose audible membership.

Listen to books anywhere, anytime:

If you don’t have time to read books, then this is the best option. The audible app is available, and you can access it from desktop, phones, and tablets. In addition to this, these apps are available for Mac, IOS, and android. You can listen to books by using Alexa. In simple words, you can hear books even if you are doing something else. The apps work smoothly on all devices and make it easy to spend more time reading books.

The first audiobook is free:

We mentioned earlier that you could subscribe to the service with 30 days of a free trial. Apart from this, after signing up, you get your first audiobook for free. In addition to this, you get free credit to buy your favorite book regardless of price.

Refund policy:

Amazon audible offers another cool feature about a refund. If you are wondering that can amazon return the money, then the answer is yes. If you don’t like the book, then Amazon will refund money without even asking any questions. You have to talk to the support for a refund.

Other perks of choosing audible membership:

Apart from the above reasons, audible offers many other perks that will instigate you to buy a membership. So, some are as follow:

  • There are more than 200,000 audiobooks on audible with the narration of top authors.
  • Cancelation is easy and quick.
  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • Members can download 2/6 audibles on the first Friday of every month. You can keep the audibles forever without spending credit.
  • Even after cancellation, you own all audiobooks in the library like Netflix or Spotify.
  • Audible offers deal every Friday.
  • Discounted price on top-selling books

Moreover, an Amazon Prime member can use audible service at no extra cost. So, you can read more than 50 books on rotation from your account. Apart from this, you can buy additional audible credits each month.

What Amazon audible membership cost?

At the first step, you can start to try different things with a free 30 days trial. In this trial period, you access free audiobooks. However, this could be one classics or even audible originals. The trial period is for the people who want to get an insight into this program before investing. If you like the service in a trial period, you can go for the monthly subscription. Mainly there are two main types of membership:

PlanCost# of credits
Audible plus$7.95/monthNo credit
Audible premium plus$14.95/month1 per month
Audible premium plus$22.95/monthTwo credits/month
Audible premium plus$149.50/year12 credits/year
Audible premium plus$229.50/year24 credits/year

Audible plus: $7.95

Audible plus membership, you get the chance of unlimited streaming and listen to your favorite audibles anytime. However, this plan comes with the audible plus catalog, and you can hit the PLAY NOW button to stream instantly from the app. Moreover, you have the choice to save these titles in your library or download them for later use.

Audible premium plus: $14.95

Audible premium plus includes everything that comes with the Audible plus plan. Moreover, it comes with a bonus of 1 credit per month. You can use this credit to refund any title from the premium selection. Apart from this, the premium plus unlock the 30% discount you can use to buy anything from the premium catalog. So, keep in mind that these titles are yours, and you can keep them forever.

Audible premium plus annual: $149.50

If you want to listen more, you can enjoy the audible premium plus annual. Yes, in this option you buy the service at an affordable price for one year. In the yearly plan, you can unlock the plus catalog. Moreover, it comes with 12 credits for any premium selection title.

Free trial period: Free

Audible plus and premium plus also offer 30 days free trial for newcomers. It helps to check service before actually buying. When your trial period over, then you can buy a monthly subscription to enjoy the benefits.

Other facilities in pricing package:

Apart from the above plans, you have few other options to get the service’s maximum advantages.

  • Free unlimited audible originals podcasts
  • Monthly credit, and you can use it for any audiobooks regardless of price.
  • One additional free title every month
  • Free access to the audible kids’ collection
  • And you can buy additional titles for $14.95 or less.

Apart from these deals, you also get the option to choose from monthly and daily deals. Moreover, the easy exchanges let you swap audiobooks that you aren’t enjoying. If you are a member of amazon prime, then access the books at no extra cost.

Frequently asked questions:

After reading the whole writing, I know specific questions are popping up in your mind. So, here are the answers to all possible concerns.

Are users satisfied with the service?

The short answer to this question is yes. For better understanding, we are writing down some real-life reviews to prove the point.

He stated that he was using cassettes and CDs for listening to audiobooks. But later, he took 30 days free trial period of audible membership. Dee is using audible membership for four months and loves the service.

Dee reviewed in 2019

She stated that the app is so lovely and easy to use. I wouldn’t say I like to read, but audiobooks insisted me to love this experience. Apart from this, the selection of books is vast, and you can find any text you want. So, I strongly recommend this fantastic service to others.

Alyssa R. reviewed in 2020

He stated that I love this service. Now sitting in traffic doesn’t bother me because narrators are fantastic. However, I never thought that I’d enjoy book reading to this extent. It is a very creative and captivating way to read books, and I strongly recommend this.

Ms. Mercy reviewed in 2020

How to sign up for the audible membership?

If you are interested in signing up for the audible membership, then the process is straightforward. You can take a start with 30 days of a free trial. If you like the service, then you can buy the plan according to your needs. There are these main steps to sign up for the audible program.

  • Sign up with your Amazon account
  • Now sign up for a free 30 days trial period.
  • Spend your free credit on any of the available books regardless of the price
  • Now download the audible app.
  • Start listening to your favorite books.

But it would help if you remember that all plans automatically renew every month. Once your trial period is over, audible will charge you for services. If the service doesn’t go with your taste, you can cancel or pause the plan anytime.

How to Cancel the audible membership?

We discussed earlier that if you don’t like the service, then take appropriate steps before starting a new month. So, you have an option to cancel the subscription. There are specific steps that you have to take to learn how to cancel audible membership.

  • At the first step, go to the account detail page on the desktop version of the audible.
  • At the second step, you will see a button for “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP” at the bottom of the page. You will find this button under the “Membership detail.”
  • A third and last step, press the button and follow the on-screen directions to complete the process.

After canceling the membership, you will get a confirmation email as proof of your action. However, if you purchased any titles, those will stay in your account, and you can use them anytime. Apart from this, any audible plus catalog in the library will appear with a lock icon. So, you have to be an audible member again to listen to the plus catalog titles.

Note: Always remember that you can cancel your membership by only using a desktop. If you are performing the above steps using an app or tablet, you can’t cancel your membership.

How to pause audible membership?

If you don’t want to cancel the membership permanently, then you have another option. Yes, you can put your audible plus and premium plus membership on hold. If you plenty of books to read and need some time to catch up, then use this option. But you can perform this action once every 12 months.

However, the pause period could be around three months. But this feature isn’t available for the membership account that started before 2006. Here are the steps to follow to learn how to pause audible membership.

  • If you want to pause the audible membership, then you have to contact customer support. You can reach customer support by using the form on “CONTACT US PAGE.”
  • Now select the icon “MY ACCOUNT.”
  • At this step, select the “PAUSE MEMBERSHIP” from the menu.
  • At the last step, select between chat, phone, or email to contact the support to send the request.

After successfully pausing your account, you aren’t liable to pay charges for the holding period. Moreover, you won’t receive audible credits during that time. After resuming the membership, you will start receiving all perks against charges.


In the end, we can strongly recommend this service if reading is your passion. Moreover, it is suitable for those people who are recently adopting this habit. After knowing how to cancel the audible subscription and pause audible membership, we can conclude this as the best service. Audiobooks simplify readings and becoming a favorite way of so many people. So, it will help us if we give a try to this fantastic reading service.