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How to create a business account on Amazon? It is the central question that we are going to answer in this piece of writing. Did you ever need a household item, gadget, or electronic? If yes, then I’m sure Amazon was there for help. If we look at the stats, Amazon has the worlds’ most massive web traffic and customer base. Amazon’s program offers unique products, super-fast delivery, and purchasing solutions for all businesses. Amazon announced in September 2010 that they are on track to hit the record of $10 billion annual sales. Due to great business chances, it’s easy to see why an amazon for business account appeals to the business owners.

In simple words, Amazon is all about the benefits and to give an extra edge to your online business. However, amazon business stocks products of hundreds of millions of dollars. Above all, it operates in all broader markets of the world. Apart from this, there are many more to discuss. If you want to know the real worth and how they differ, then read everything in detail on this page.

What is an Amazon business account?

“Our main aim is to provide access to hundreds and millions of products. However, we cover everything from IT to KITCHEN supplies.”

Martin Rohde (Director of commercial vertical at Amazon business)

In simple words, Amazon’s business account is the business dedicated account on Amazon that any company can use. However, solo business owners can start it with one business account. But it also works perfectly for the large businesses that can create a business account on amazon. Amazon’s location makes it easy for the company to buy the products directly from Amazon. Apart from this, they can purchase the services from third-party vendors who are selling at Amazon.

How amazon account to sell is different from “AMAZON”?

If you want to understand the difference better, then we prepared a pointer for the readers. After reading this, you will get to know the primary difference between AMAZON and AMAZON BUSINESS. A business account has priority over the basic version; 

  • Get access to more than 5 million products
  • Browse and shop by selecting seller credentials
  • Multi-user account
  • Customized order approvals and set spending limits
  • Share payment methods with your team and have an option to get an Amazon corporate card
  • Integrate purchasing system
  • Get an upgrade of PRIME BUSINESS ACCOUNT
  • Reporting & analytics
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Basic info about Amazon:

Trader nameAmazon
Founder nameJeff Bezos
Founded in1994
HeadquarterSeattle, Washington USA
Main offeringsCloud computing, E-com, Artificial intelligence, Consumer electronics, digital distribution, and self-driving cars
Company info

It is a free service and makes dealing easier for the registered business. The following points are showing the highlighted features of this program;

  • It enables the employee to offer products that are only available for business customers.
  • Amazon changes the search setting, which makes it easier to find your products.
  • Accessible pricing and payment options that simplify the buying and selling in large quantities
  • The automate tax exemption on qualified purchases and selling.
  • You can offer quality, diversity, and ownership to stand out the business for customers.
  • Less fee charge on the large purchase orders
  • And you can upload the documents like CAD drawings, user guides, etc. to elaborate on the features.

In short, as an Amazon business seller, you have access to all of the features like a professional amazon account to sell.

How does the Amazon business account work?

After reading the above discussion, it has cleared that Amazon’s business is a version of Amazon. However, it offers millions of products to businesses irrespective of their size. Every company can assign a person who can purchase the business supplies on behalf of the owner. But there is an option that the central administration can add or delete the authorized dealer anytime. Above all, the business can manage the delivery, payment, shipping address, and reporting according to the needs. According to the approved stats, then it is a B2B marketplace that has more than 45000 sellers. However, these 45000 sellers are offering around 10 million products with the bulk purchase or discount options. Amazon business changed the B2C into B2B by providing business-specific features like;

  • Business prices are separate from the consumer prices
  • offer the selling account with permission and approval settings
  • you can get reports about the selling and business expenses data
  • Above all, it provides different purchasing options, payment terms, and credit events & conferences

Note:You will have to upgrade the account if you join a business account with an old email. But if you decline this popup, then you have to sign in with the new email address.

Owners who create a business account on Amazon

If you have decided to make an account on Amazon, then you are joining the community of a thousand other online sellers.  So, the following pointers are showing the trends of usability;

  • 55% of the users are fortune companies
  • 80% of the largest enrollment education organizations
  • 50% of the businesses relates to the hospital system
  • More than 40% connects with the local government
  • And combined, there are more than 150,000 sellers with sales of $10 billion yearly

Apart from this, the Amazon business service is available and registered in the following countries’ list. So, if you live here, you can get the benefit of this feature to grow the business.

United States of AmericaUnited KingdomGermanyFrance
ItalySpainJapanAnd India

In the end, we can say that any type of business can create a business account on Amazon. For instance, if you run a small business, you may find Amazon useful to automate and boost regular delivery. Apart from this, the venture that earns money by selling products to other companies can find it helpful. If you fall into any of the above categories, you can create an Amazon for business account.

Note: Amazon offers the “Amazon business prime” service. But it’s only available in the US, Germany, and Japan. So, if you an Amazon business account, then you can upgrade to a business prime anytime.

How to create a business account on Amazon?

But before doing anything, it is vital to create a business account on Amazon. For this, you will have to follow these steps;

  • Simply click at the CREATE FREE ACCOUNT and on the main page.
  • In the process, the system will ask about your email address that you want to use as a base for the account. However, at the end of this step, you will have to provide the username and password.
  • Now Amazon will ask you to verify the business information that you provided while creating the account. You will provide the information that is on the official business documents.
  • In this process, the system will guide you towards the setup process. Apart from this, to get verified earlier, you can attach the tax information. But there is an option to skip this step.
  • Now the person who creates the account is the administrator and provides the personal details to verify the account. However, the verification step can take up to 24 hours.

However, after creating a business account, the maker can add groups, purchase, or approve workflows. Apart from this, the administration has the authority to add the features and manage the payments. The front-facing of the “Amazon business account” is similar to the Amazon. So, the following points will elaborate some detail to differentiate between both;

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Account and business settings:

It is free to sign in and to create a business account on Amazon. You only need to click at the corner of the page to access the drop-down menu. Amazon business account users get additional features like;

  • Adding members
  • set up approval workflows
  • manage payments
  • And enter the tax exemption information

Apart from the business settings, you can see the BUSINESS ANALYTICS to know the selling and payment reports. Above all, you can manage the suppliers that you want to use for the business. You can search and save the preferred suppliers for later use.

Browse and shop:

After signing in to the Amazon business account, you will see a similar search bar to the standard version. Here you can enter the keyword to search for the items that you want to buy. Apart from this, you can enter the product number to find a specific item. However, in a business account, you can use filters to search the articles. So, you can filter the items by setting;

  • Seller type (Like a business seller)
  • Seller certification
  • and business prime eligible

Place an order:

The interface of the Amazon business is almost indistinguishable from the regular account. There are only features and offerings that make the business account more promising. So, at the time of adding an item into the cart, confirm the following things;

  • Shipping details
  • Payment methods
  • And at the last step, place the order

But if you want to revise or review the order, go to the account settings and click on the menu options. After a click, you will see the business analytics about the shipping report, product, and seller information.

What type of features and tools Amazon business offers?

People who are serious about creating a business account on Amazon account should read about this in-depth. So, by making an account on Amazon, you will enjoy the following;

Tools and Features
Chart Tools and Features

Offered features:

The above data chart is elaborating on the highlighted feature that the Amazon business account is offering. Now we will discuss these offerings in detail;

Account switching:

You already know that there is much difference between an ordinary and an Amazon business account. So, if you have an Amazon business account, you can enjoy the basic one. However, with the account switching option, you can change between Amazon’s personal and business accounts. So, the process is simple, but the benefits are enormous. Before discussing the advantages, let’s talk about Switching;

  • Go to the drop menu of your account.
  • Now choose the “Switch account.”
  • Select your desired account or add any other account if you have any
  • Now enjoy your other account with the help of few clicks.

So, if you want to use this function of Switching, you can enjoy the following benefits.


  • It cuts down the manual work and time you will have to spend at login and log out of both accounts.
  • The best part of this feature is that it helps to keep the personal and business purchases separate.
  • Above all, it maintains a safe separation line between the business and personal accounts. So, due to the separation of information, you can easily preserve account security.
  • Last but not least, you can use the account switching on any device. For instance, you can use it on your home computer or office desktop.

Purchase workflow:

It is one of the best features that make the whole process less hassle-free and time-consuming. Purchase workflow lets you manage the purchasing with integrated workflow features. It allows us to consolidate the purchase invoices into a digital system to reduce the paperwork and time. However, there are the following notable points in this;

  • The built-in business workflow feature of the Amazon allows to control the spending limit and set approvers. Apart from this, it will enable us to customize and integrate the reports into existing workflows.
  • You can implement GUIDED BUYING to redirect the buyer towards preferred products and categories. Apart from this, you can customize the messages and identify the types from which the buyer shouldn’t buy.
  • Above all, you can add, sort, and organize the most purchased items in one place. However, you can re-order anytime from these lists. Furthermore, you can share these lists with other buyers as well.

Supplier analysis:

Supplier analysis is of utmost importance before starting or investing anything. So, the Amazon business account has the facility to conduct this analysis for free;

  • In the supplier analysis report, you will get insights that will specific about the organization. In the light of these stats, you can take actionable measures.
  • The analysis will help you identify the opportunities you should adopt to change buying habits. So, it works to reduce trips and to enhance productivity.
  • It reveals if there are any hidden charges and contract leakage in the process.

Above all, you can fill out the form to reach out to the Amazon customer advisor to take some tips. However, in the light of those tips, you can build a roadmap towards more powerful purchasing.

Payment options:

It wasn’t an easy task to manage the payments of the organization. But Amazon’s business account is covering this side. It let you pay as you want and makes the tracking and reconciling easy. However, you can choose from plenty of different payment solutions. Apart from this, the business account ensures seamless purchasing. So, you can organize the buyers into multiple groups. In this way, they can use the shared payment methods for buying. Above all, this feature lets you keep track of the analytics and spending. It is the best way to manage business-related issues within an organization. 

  • The small business credit card enables us to get a 5% discount or 90 days terms on US purchase. This feature is for the purchase at Amazon business, AWS, and the whole food market with the eligible prime membership.
  • Apart from this, you can apply for the corporate credit line. There is no interest and annual fee on this card. Above all, the line of credit card could manage outside of the Amazon.

Shipping and delivery:

You can create a business account on Amazon to enjoy the flexibility in shipping and delivery. Amazon offers the shipping options that keep you move forward to meet the pace. It ensures that you receive the items when you need them. There are the following highlights of this feature:

  • At Amazon’s business account, you can manage the delivery preferences according to the needs. Above all, you can work the business hours, holiday schedule, and set of instructions if you have any. Most importantly, you can add extra detail to ensure that your order gets to the right place.
  • In consolidate shipping, you can combine the items to get fewer deliveries. However, with the Amazon business account, you can select any two days of the week to receive the deliveries. It is the best feature to increase delivery efficiency.
  • Above all, you can get fast and free deliveries. On eligible orders, you can even get the same day delivery.

Business savings and discounts:

“With Amazon’s business account, we have new opportunities to cut costs.”

Ricky Gay (Director of independent branch school)

It is a common understanding that businesses spend so much on the deliveries. But if you create a business account on Amazon, there is an option to save the extra money. According to the Amazons’ record, they have helped;

  • Spring branch independent school district saved up to 30% by using Amazon business.
  • CSAT Solutions is all set to save up to 40% in account of the shipping of maintenance, repair, and IT supplies.
  • Ordinary customers can save more than 14% on the purchase of IT products.

In short, here, you can save on every type of business. For instance, if it’s related to quantity discounts or progressive discount. However, you can enjoy discounts on more than 50 million products. The following detail will explain what the different values that you can enjoy are;

  • Quantity discounts: These discounts are related to the bulk purchase and on millions of items. If you don’t see the quantity discount on bulk items, then you can request one from multiple suppliers on bulk purchase.
  • Recurring delivery: Let you schedule the delivery of the item that you have already purchased. You can set up the order once, and the system will re-order again with a 15% discount.
  • Progressive discount: It is a type of deal that lets you save on the items you buy frequently. You can add the lower prices that your organization purchase over time. In short, this feature gives you the flexibility to move the business.

Offered tools:

Apart from the highlighted features, many tools come with the Amazon business account. So, a few of them are as under;


There is nothing better than to connect the system with other accounts to simplify the experience. However, this feature can do wonders to improve the efficiency and quickly discover the insight. Apart from this, it provides an easy and secure way to get access to Amazons’ products. So, the following points are elaborating the functionalities;

Integrate the buying system using punchout:

We already discussed that it’s easy to get more business by connecting with the Amazon business. Here the users will access convenience that is available at the Amazon. Furthermore, you can better maintain compliance, management, and control at the existing system.

Enable single sign-on (SSO):

Enable single sign-on provides the chance with a centralized system to access your business account. But Amazon business makes sure of the security of the centralized system. It simplifies the onboarding by letting the buyers use corporate info instead of creating new passwords. 

Reconciliation with detailed transaction data:

In this feature, you get access to the line item transaction while linking with the Amazon account. Better transaction data gives excellent visibility and control to the administrator. Apart from this, using this feature, you can better manage the organizations’ spending.

Mobile app:

There is nothing more convenient and time-saving than having a mobile app to manage the account. People who create a business account on Amazon have the facility to enjoy the mobile app. So, Amazon’s business is giving you the chance to make the shopping experience more comfortable. Above all, the app lets you switch seamlessly between personal and Amazon business accounts. There are these benefits of the Amazon business app;


  • Using the app, you can find discounts with business-only prices, quantity, and progressive values easily. Apart from this, it let you enjoy get deals on millions of chosen products.
  • Above all, at the app, you can re-order the products from the list. So, buy the items wherever you go and whenever you want.
  • You can approve or reject the orders that you find less profitable. It is another excellent feature to keep an eye on while on the go.


Last but not least, yes, it’s about the analytics. You can’t move forward without analyzing the profitability or loss reports. In simple words, Amazon enables you to insight into the actions that will keep the business moving. The analytics create spending reports, visual dashboards and track the progress. Apart from this, these are few highlights of features;

  • Firstly, it saves the time that you spend on the compilation of the reports and dashboards visuals. However, create a business account on Amazon, and it will automatically pull reports and data.
  • Above all, you can easily track the progress to discover new goals and ways to reduce costs. So, you can use dashboard visibility to analyze the purchasing from different buyers. Apart from this, get an insight into the top categories where you spent. In the end, you can compare the spending on restricted items.
  • It helps you to meet the goals by directing the buyer to the right products. Above all, you can create preferred policies that promote the products or restrict the unapproved categories. These are some reasons that will help you meet the goals by saving a significant amount of money.

Create a business account on Amazon: What are the most popular Amazon business model?

If you are ready to create a business account on Amazon, it doesn’t mean you will be successful. Apart from the feature and offers, many other things need your attention. So, one of those things is the AMAZON BUSINESS MODELS. It will help you to decide whether you are in the right model or not.

Amazon private label:

Amazon’s private label is about purchasing items in bulk and put your title on it while selling. In simple words, you sell as the Amazon private label by putting your brand on the products. But these are usually generic items that look different from the major brands. For instance, the items could be like baby food, snacks, men’s or women’s clothing, etc.

Pros of this model:

  • You can add your style and decisions on the products and brand.
  • Above all, you can decide your own rules by yourself, instead of relying on the beholding company’s decisions.
  • You don’t need to pay a hefty amount of money in terms of royalty or other brand charges.


  • It could be time and money consuming to create a private label.
  • Apart from this, you will have to create your PR, label, and marketing strategy.
  • The product quality is out of your hand, and you can’t do anything for quality improvement.

Amazon wholesale:

In this business model, you do the dealings in wholesale products. For instance, you buy from the buyer in bulk and sell to again at Amazon profits.

Pros of this model:

  • Easy to arrange the products
  • There is no problem related to the supply of the product.
  • You can sell established brands. So, you will not have to spend more time on marketing.


  • You will have to work hard to establish the market for your product on Amazon.
  • If you don’t have an established history at Amazon, it might be tough to sell the products.


Dropshipping is like the middleman service between customers, vendors, and suppliers. For instance, the customer place order at your store, and you inform the delivery supplier.

Pros of this model:

  • You don’t need to stock up on things.
  • Above all, you will not have to spend on marketing or brand establishment.


  • You will have to order whatever the vendor has in supply.
  • The customers will depend on your supplier customers’ service, not yours.
  • Shipment damages, late delivery, lousy quality could risk the reputation of your Amazon account.

Retail arbitrage on Amazon:

The last business model of our conversation is retail arbitrage. It is the model in which you find cheap items and sell them at a higher price on Amazon.

Pros of retail arbitrage:

  • You will not have to spend time on brand marketing.
  • Above all, you can add as much profit as you want to do


  • It’s hard to find incredibly cheap items for the newbie.

Does it matter to create a business account on Amazon?

My answer is yes. If you are running your e-com store, then it’s tough to reach the customers through marketing. So, with the Amazon business account, you don’t have to spend much on marketing. However, you can use any of the above models for maximum benefits after making a business account. Amazon’s business is the go-to place for many firms and buyers. However, the fast shipping, deliveries, and low prices making it more popular among the buyers. Above all, it’s becoming a popular business destination for B2B buyers. The following data chart is showing the latest search trends of the shoppers;

Amazon chart
Amazon chart

The above marketing chart got published on marketingcharts.com in May 2020. So, research shows that 63% of buyers search Amazon when they need to buy anything. However, the other sources serve a small number of visitors. So, the Amazon business provides a great pool of B2B vendors and customers. In short, it is the best platform that enables the merchant to maximize the exposure under one roof.

Pros and Cons of using an Amazon business account:

Apart from the above chart and stats, there are many other benefits of using Amazon business. So, if you create a business account on Amazon, then you can have;

Pros of business account:

  • Get the chance to expand business in a broader market.
  • You can place the recurring order.
  • Business support service with the exclusive price and quantity discounts
  • Ease of use with robust B2B features
  • Amazon is a reputable and trusted venture so that you can get benefits from this trust.
  • Access to lots of customers
  • Consolidated orders
  • Track purchase and improve spending visibility with analytics
  • Control every part of the buying process
  • You don’t need to pay much on account of the marketing.
  • Amazon’s business provides lots of selling tools, features, and training sessions.
  • And multi-users accounts

Downsides to Amazon business account:

  • Your customers are Amazon’s customers.
  • Competition is high due to the broader market.
  • You can lose your data and customers if anything happens to the platform.
  • And limited communication with the buyer doesn’t let you build a healthy relationship.

Note: If you have already created a business account on Amazon, then you can go for the “AMAZON BUSINESS PRIME.” If you want an update, then it’s possible with few clicks. But, unlike business accounts, the Amazon prime isn’t free. Yes, you will have to pay the cost per year. However, the price varies according to the business type that you choose. 

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